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she has designer shades just to hide her face.
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02/27/14 ♥ 7:32 pm (no subject)
kisses & beauty.
livejournal and i have a love/hate relationship, it seems!
apologize for being the worst friend ever on here.
it's so hard to get back into journalling again.
i miss you girls though ♥ ♥
12/01/13 ♥ 9:19 pm - keep on keeping on.
kisses & beauty.
hey ladies. ;* just going to use bullets for simplicity:

♡ i'm thinking of moving journals but i just love this username so much. i hate that all my entries include jeremy. it's whatever though, not a huuuge deal.

♡ speaking of jeremy, he has a new girlfriend. lololol~ i feel bad for her, he found his new babysitter. apparently he's back on drugs again & he called me two weeks ago, leaving a voicemail lying about not having a girlfriend and everything. breaking up with him was honestly the best decision i have ever made, our relationship got so toxic at the end, i am a much happier person now.

♡ for those who've known me since i've became a member of LJ, you'll never believe who i'm friends with again.. my first love chuck! haha, he came to the bar the one night & we kiiiinda hooked up afterwards.. woops ;-) i realized i could never get back together with him but i'm okay with being friends with benefits, haha. i think he feels the same way. right now, that's fine with me. i'm not really talking to any other guys.

♡ i am so broke. it's not even funny. i'm supposed to go to new york city this sunday but i have no money to go! how do you go there without having money. :-(

that's about it. haha, my life's a snorefest lately. next update will have pictures! ;*
08/02/13 ♥ 7:30 pm (no subject)
kisses & beauty.

I have lost so many friends on here :'( which is COMPLETELY understandable! I have no idea why I have grown so apart from here. I'm hoping in the VERY near future, I will be able to get back into it. Hope you're all doing well!

06/23/13 ♥ 6:04 pm (no subject)
kisses & beauty.

Gosh, I an SO sorry for abandoning LJ! I never meant to do it, just sort of happens. I feel like this has been happening more and more lately :'( Hope you girls are doing okay, hopefully going to make a post later this week! Oh and anchored, HAPPY LATE 21ST GIRLY!!

01/24/13 ♥ 8:24 pm (no subject)
kisses & beauty.

if you haven't seen my facebook status..
haylee will be adopted by the ones who love her.
thanks to all of you kept her in your thoughts today.

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01/02/13 ♥ 7:44 pm - new year, fresh start.
kisses & beauty.
i've talked about this with melissa (~rivingtonrebel) once before, and then today her and chryste (~hug) were talking about it in our group chat. livejournal has given me so many friendships, both in real life & still just on social media sites (*which isn't any less important, by the way.) before, atleast with the friend's list i had, livejournal was like one big group of friends and now, after a lot of drama that has happened within the past two years, it's not that way anymore. melissa's entry explains it better than i could (*which is why she's my booboo.)

what i really want to say is that i sincerely apologize to those whom i have lost a friendship with over petty things. i'm willing to reconnect with the handful of girls that i have lost, but it's okay if things stay the same as they are now. like melissa & chryste, i miss the way livejournal used to be. where every one was friends and it was just plain fun. ;* here's to a new year, with the most amazing friends a girl could ask for.
05/23/10 ♥ 11:15 pm - anonymous.
kisses & beauty.

you know what to do. also promote whatever you want. ♥
02/06/10 ♥ 11:52 pm - AMIGAS ONLY.
kisses & beauty.

CURRENTLY: adding who i want.
(*comment to be considered.)
if you don't have mutual friends or post pictures, don't bother trying.
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